About Us

BMSE is a specialist group of yacht and small craft surveyors looking to raise standards in the surveying industry. The group includes members from other countries but most are found in the UK. Many already had extensive marine industry backgrounds ranging from Boatbuilders and Brokers to Superyacht captains. All BMSE members hold the IBTC professional qualification in Yacht and Small Craft Surveying gained after passing an intensive practical course.  Our focus is to carry out a comprehensive series of inspections and tests and describe the results as found in clear and understandable English.

While all members work to a similar format and standard, each member will offer different services and specialities. BMSE was formed to share knowledge between surveyors, thereby allowing each surveyor to draw on the specialist expertise of others. Members communicate on a forum daily discussing new technology, emerging trends, new repair methods and industry issues as well as individual vessel’s defects. Surveyors share their reports on a regular basis with their peers in order to maintain the high standards set.

Present BMSE Membership requirements are to have passed the IBTC Surveyors Course, to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance, to be a practicing Yacht Surveyor and to agree to share reports. In an industry that is continually evolving, we can offer yacht owners, insurers and finance companies the reassurance of working with a professional group of surveyors that are continually looking to raise standards.