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The International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) in Lowestoft, has been training students in hands on practical wooden boatbuilding since 1975. Operated by Gill and Nat Wilson on the site of a former boatyard, the college is well known and respected.

The college also operates a commercial boatbuilding and restoration unit which is operated independently of the college. On completion of boatbuilding training some students may be offered a contract within the commercial unit.

In the hands on practical style of training offered by the college, the Practical Yacht and Small Craft Survey Course was developed. Conceived by Paul Stevens (BMSE) , who also acts as chief instructor for the course, the course has enjoyed immense success since begining in 2007. The four practical weeks of the course being centred around a variety of real boats under survey conditions, thereby bridging the gap between study of theory for several months prior to the course and later performing survey work. For those interested in surveying aspects on their own boats, Pauls course notes form the basis of an excellent book, available from Amazon. Surveying Yachts and Small Craft .

The course is led by long standing members of the YDSA and RINA and provides a very low tutor to student ratio of minimum 1 tutor to 6 students, thereby providing a personal experience. The course trains students in identification and interpretation of defects, structured thorough condition surveying and high quality report writing. The course is only open to people with suitable prior marine industry experience.

Following successful completion of the course, BMSE membership is offered to mentor and help maintain a high quality standard of work throughout the student’s career.

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Wooden boats built by IBTC

Wooden Catamaran built by IBTC Commercial Unit

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