Gas Installations

Bottle is not secured, hose is tight. A dangerous installation on a large sailing yacht.

Motor Boat flybridge locker. Bottle is not secured.

High pressure hose, part of a dual bottle installation with heavily corroded end fitting, this should be replaced. Bottle in a poor condition with corrosion as coatings not maintained

Flexible Rubber Oil Hose – Not Suitable, especially because butane and propane will attack rubber

Hose secured to copper piping without proper barbed hose fitting. This connection should anyway be inside the gas locker and best by a bulkhead fitting at the gas locker

Flexible Gas Hose deterioration seen when bending it. To be replaced.


Gas Drain Skin Fitting unusually is a hose barbed fitting. Completely inappropriate as it does not meet the minimum 19mm diameter required for a proper gas drain.

Above Surveyed by William Walsh

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