Insurance Surveys

BMSE Insurance Surveys will offer the same thorough inspection as our condition surveys for pre-purchase purposes, but will contain less detail in the reports. Only information of interest to insurers will be included.

If you have commissioned a BMSE Pre-Purchase Survey then you do not need an additional insurance survey because the Pre-Purchase survey contains enough information for obtaining insurance or financing.

BMSE Insurance Surveys for Production FRP/GRP Yachts

BMSE have developed a special report format for Production FRP/GRP Yachts that is aimed at offering the same thorough BMSE condition survey but with concise reporting that is appreciated by insurers dealing with a large volume of craft. As the reporting time is reduced, then the survey cost is reduced appropriately.

This service is not offered for custom yachts, steel yachts, aluminium yachts, wood yachts, superyachts or any elderly craft. These require a full BMSE Condition Survey for Insurance.

Please contact your local BMSE surveyor to see if your boat is applicable to this program.

Insurers are welcome to contact any BMSE surveyor for further discussion about what this special format and the BMSE surveyor network can offer them. Tailored programs are available offering the same survey format at multiple locations.

Insurance surveys are not suitable for considering a yacht for pre-purchase.