User Agreement

BMSE is a group of surveyors engaged in joint marketing, mentoring, assisting each other and exchanging technical information for mutual benefit. Each surveyor maintains his own survey business.

1. Services Provided

You must be aware of the following :

1.1. General

Survey services are provided by the surveyor direct to the client. The surveyor will negotiate direct with the client his/her fees and the nature of the service requested, provide the service reporting direct to the client and collect payment direct from the client. Whilst BMSE will assist the surveyor with marketing and may forward enquiries received and assist the surveyor with technical information, BMSE does not enter into any survey contract with the client and surveyor.

1.2. Description of Services on BMSE Promotional Material

BMSE promotional material and website may include general descriptions of the types of services offered by BMSE surveyors. The client should clarify with the individual surveyor the details of the specific service that will be provided at time of obtaining a quotation before instructing the surveyor.

1.3. Expertise and Specialities of Individual Surveyors

BMSE promotional material and website may describe services offered which include niche and specialised sectors of the boat survey market. Several surveyors will offer these services but not all. Each individual surveyor will have different experience and different specialities. The client should investigate via the individual surveyor’s website and clarify the surveyor’s experience and specialities with him/her before making a survey instruction.

2. Usage of the website

By using the site you are bound by these terms. If you do not agree then discontinue your use of the website. These terms may be amended from time to time.

2.1. Copyright

All material on this website whether written or in image form is copyrighted to BMSE or the respective owners of the material who have provided permission for it’s use on the BMSE site. Copying or re-publishing of any of this material on another site or any type of publication is prohibited without written permission being granted by the owner of the material.

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